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Gorton and Abbey Hey Ward Header 2020 (By Iain Donaldson)

  • Article: Apr 16, 2019
    By Iain Donaldson

    Manchester's Labour bosses continue to cry poverty and blame all their woes on Conservative Government cuts whilst spending:

    ● £ 300 million on Town Hall renovations
    ● £ 112 million on a new performing arts centre;
    ● £ 2 million a year to pay for the Urbis Centre

    It's time to end Labour's monopoly on in the town hall.

  • Tree near Tescos (by Iain Donaldson)
    Article: Apr 16, 2019
    By Iain Donaldson


    Tree lichens thrive under certain conditions; for this yellow lichen the best conditions are the noxious fumes emitted by diesel engines, nitrogen dioxide (NO2).

    Studies indicate that long-term exposure to NO2 levels currently observed in Europe may decrease lung function and increase the risk of respiratory symptoms such as acute bronchitis and cough and phlegm, particularly in children.
    The World Health Organisation (WHO) states: "In general, individuals with asthma are expected to be more responsive to short-term exposure to inhaled agents, when compared to individuals without asthma."
    Jackie Pearcey told Focus, "We need action on Diesel now to protect children from the chronic illnesses that breathing in this poisonous atmosphere can cause. It is time for action on the environment!"

  • Jackie Pearcey
    Article: Apr 15, 2019
    By Iain Donaldson

    Local Campaigner Jackie Pearcey has been selected as the Liberal Democrat candidate for Gorotn and Abbey Hey for the 2019 Local Elections.

    Jackie Pearcey was a foun der members of the Gorton and Abbey Hey Liberal Democrats in 1988, and has worked tirelessly for our community for over the past 31 years both as a citizen of Manchester and as a Manchester City Councillor representing the area for 21 years.

    Jackie Pearcey has a strong record of campaigning hard on issues that affect our community, and has helped thousands of local residents with individual casework over the years.

    As we are visiting residents from door to door this year we are hearing the same message again and again, "Since Jackie Pearcey was voted out Gorton and Abbey Hey have gotten a lot worse. We need a our hard working local Liberal Democrat councillor back in the town hall fighting for our community."

    It is often said locally in Gorton and Abbey Hey that "everybody knows somebody who has been helped by Jackie Pearcey."

  • Jackie Pearcey at Oasis Academy Aspinal (By Iain Donaldson)
    Article: Apr 15, 2019
    By Iain Donaldson

    Jackie Pearcey knows the importance of a good education.

    As a child Jackie Pearcey's first home had a tin bath and an outdoor loo. She earned a place at a good school and was one of the first in her family to go to University. Now she has a PhD in nuclear physics.

    Jackie Pearcey has served as a Governor at Oasis Academy Aspinal in Gorton for over 20 Years, and is proud of the fact that children at the Academy receive an outstanding start to their education.

  • Piccadilly Fountain (By Iain Donaldson)
    Article: Apr 15, 2019
    By Iain Donaldson

    £ 1.2 million spent on restoring failing fountains whilst people are living on our streets.

    When more people than ever are sleeping rough on our city's streets we need a Councillor who will fight against Labour spending millions of pounds on pet projects such as fancy fountains and arts centres whilst people starve on our streets.

  • Jackie Pearcey and the Liberal Democrats fought to protect Godfrey Ermen from development by Labour. (By Iain Donaldson)
    Article: Apr 15, 2019
    By Iain Donaldson

    Over 20 years ago the Labour council wanted to build houses on Godfrey Ermen playing fields.

    Jackie Pearcey and the local Liberal Democrats stopped them. Recently Labour have again threatened to build on this open space. The protection which Liberal Democrats secured at a public inquiry into the Council's development strategy helped stop that development, and now Jackie Pearcey and the local Liberal Democrats support resident's calls for Godfrey Ermen to be declared a Village Green.

  • Jackie Pearcey opposes the sale of the local park on Taylor Street including the Red Rec. (By Iain Donaldson)
    Article: Apr 15, 2019
    By Iain Donaldson

    When former Liberal MP and businessman Richard Peacock donated the Red Rec at Taylor Street for local people to play on for 100 years, little did he know that within days of that covenant ending Manchester's Labour bosses would be looking to sell this valuable open space for yet more housing.

    Jackie Pearcey helped get equipment on the area to provide a breakout space for local youths on the Hampden Estate.

    Jackie told us "This area is designated by this council as being a local park, it is not as if there is no other land in Gorton and Abbey Hey to build on, but once again Labour are going for the easy hit selling off valuable open public space."

  • Jackie Pearcey campaigned to protect Gorton Monastery from inappropriate development. (By Iain Donaldson)
    Article: Apr 15, 2019
    By Iain Donaldson

    Gorton has a rich history and some fine architecture and Jackie Pearcey has worked hard alongside her Liberal Democrat Colleagues and local residents to protect and enhance that heritage over the years.

    When the former schoolhouse at Brookfield Church was threatened with demolition it was the Liberal Democrats who campaigned to get it turned into the pensioner flats that are there today.

    When Labour were encouraging the development of Gorton Monastery into flats it was Jackie Pearcey and the Liberal Democrats who called for a more imaginative future for the building, and when the statues of the saints were on Liverpool dockside facing export to America it was Jackie Pearcey and the Liberal Democrats who fought to secure their return to Gorton.

    When Labour's proposals for redeveloping the Gorton District Centre were announced it was the Liberal Democrats who insisted that they be consulted on in full before any proposals were brought forward, and when it was realised that the Plough was to be bulldozed as a part of the proposals it was the Liberal Democrats who led the campaign to save this historic pub.

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